Fees & Terms of Business

New Patient consultation                        £270.00
Follow up consultation                          £160.00
Issue of repeat prescriptions                   £15.00
Medical Reports                                 Very variable, depending on length
Overnight Oximetry                              £310 for 2 nights
Full PSG Sleep Study                            £1400
Botulinum Toxin Injections                      £340 – £1000, depending on dose and requirement for EMG-guidance.


Private Health Insurance
There has been a recent trend among the principal private health insurance companies to cap the amount that they will cover for the cost of consultations, tests and treatments. As part of this trend, all new consultants appointed to their post in the last few years have not been ‘recognized’ by these insurance companies unless they have signed up to being ‘fee-assured’.  The private health insurance companies have now followed this up by also attempting to persuade established consultants to become ‘fee-assured.’   These companies have also been contacting GPs and trying to persuade them to make ‘open referrals,’ that is, referrals to an un-named consultant specialist, so that the private health insurance company themselves can make the choice of which specialist a patient is referred to.  In some cases, patients have actually been persuaded by these companies to ask the GP to change the referral from one consultant to another ‘fee-assured’ consultant.  In my view, this is a very serious interference with the medical process, by insurance companies, in which GPs have always chosen which consultant might or might not be the appropriate specialist for a particular patient to be referred to.

I have been recognized by all the principal private health insurance companies since 1998, but I have chosen not to become ‘fee-assured’. My fees have only increased once since 1998 and are about average in the south of England for Consultant Neurologists of my experience and considerably cheaper than London Consultant Neurologists.

Terms of Business

  1. A follow up consultation is defined as a consultation taking place less than one calendar year following a previous appointment with me.
  2. If there are insufficient funds or insurance cover for subsequent investigations or treatment, I will ask your GP to refer your case to me on the NHS. This is to ensure CCG agreement to fund an NHS consultant appointment and / or investigations. Due to new CCG funding arrangements, it is no longer possible to guarantee NHS-funded investigations or treatment without a subsequent GP NHS referral.
  3. Payment for a consultation is your responsibility, not that of your Private Health Insurer. This is because private health insurance companies may not cover the full cost of a consultation as discussed above. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to afford to cover any shortfall.
  4. All out-patient consultation fees must be settled at reception on the day of the appointment except where otherwise specifically agreed in writing or where you can provide the hospital with pre-authorization in writing from your insurer which specifically states that the insurer will cover the full cost of a particular appointment.
  5. Otherwise, it is your responsibility pay for the consultation and claim the fees back from your private health insurer. You will be given an invoice on the day of the consultation. After you have paid, your invoice will be stamped at reception to confirm payment has been received. You can then send this off to your health insurance company so that they can reimburse you.
  6. Your Health Insurer may however require a section of a health insurance claim form to be completed by a specialist, which I am happy to do. In this case, please bring the form along with you when you attend, or alternatively forward it to me either before or after the consultation.